Friday, January 22, 2016

  UBUNTU Lets take a look at one of the most popular Linux distros ever.
Most folks who have gone from windows to Linux will have most likely ran
Ubuntu as there first choice before the arrival of Mint .I ran both Ubuntu and Kubuntu for years but now prefer Linux Mint witch is a Ubuntu based system anyway I just like the desktop on mint better .Nothing bad about Ubuntu Its backing by Canonical software has made rapid advances and has several large projects for tv phone tablet  are under way as we speak and wont be long before Ubuntu is running on those platforms its desktop is more Mac like. Ubuntu software is the base and runs on Mint ,lubuntu ,kubuntu,bodie linux software centers and all of these also use Ubuntu as there base System with different desktops . Ubuntu itself is a Stable Great system its fast and has a productive libra office as a great MSFT office stand in lots of free software you can download games science software one of the best everday reliable systems
                                                       you can Download it here UBUNTU

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

 KUBUNTU  today lets look at Kubuntu .Its really a good distro I ran it
myself for about two years .Its of Course Ubuntu based with the changes being
mainly the desk top.Kubuntu features The KDE Plasma desktop its sharp looking it has a windows type menu that pops up from the bottom left of the screen of course Ubuntu runs the unity Desktop witch features a more Mac type menu
it comes with all the same software that ubuntu features its a full powered desktop fast system and work horse for tasks Its the ISO file you download and put on either a Cd or USB Flash and of course will run live and has the installer
if your running windows make sure to change your boot sequence to boot first
from Cd or Flash to get by the windows boot lock

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

STEAM is great for gamers a linux media and high gaming application that can be found in most software centers on most linux versions or at the steam website it can be downloaded it features all types of action shooter fantasy sport games free play and buy to own games also in its store you can  purchase games play demos and free games all games that can be stored in the application in a personal game library pretty nice to go along with all the games already free in any linux software center nice addition to any gamer on linux .

Monday, January 4, 2016

                                        FEDORA workstation
  Lets have look at Fedora today .I recently downloaded it installed it found
 it easy  to install. Just follow the instructions on the installer you can run it live
 off the flash USB port or CD drive with the option to install to the hard drive
 and install from Live system. However  windows users will have to change in the boot menu and there boot sequence first because of windows  boot lock easy to do just set your computer to boot off either the cd drive or USB. Whatever you installed the fedora ISO file you downloaded on  insert into your cd or flash drive after you set boot and restart your computer  it should boot right to fedora live now you can run it and try it before you install it .Its a full fledged power filled  desktop with everything you need lots of software in the software center
 the main difference I noticed with fedora that is different than ubuntu or mint Instead of just hitting window or menu buttons with a mouse Fedora you double click them open . Overall nice system heres the link to down load
                                                                                 Down load fedora

Friday, January 1, 2016

who are  Ricthard Stallman and Linus Travolds well that is the start of the story of linux really two guys doing two different projects at two different times.
best thing to do y tube both names and check these interesting peope out Ritchard Stallman started the Gnu project free software movement Meanwhile a few years later a college student Linus Travolds developed at the time what s known as the linux kernel and linux was born of course Gnu project work had already developed a lot of the other pieces of the operating system before the kernel was developed and after things came together a change happened
in development many minds began to work together .The linux open source community was born and is what has fueled linux operating system to rapid developement in recent years so fast now there are multible versions and new distros coming out every month .

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lets start looking at popular linux versions here is the best version for new folks coming in from windows  LINUX MINT its clean looks and windows like menus makes it very appealing its speed and performance will leave a lot of windows users never looking back just like me lol.
Here is a look at Mints desktop this is my desk top.I run Mint myself love it
Its a Ubuntu off shoot has of course a ubuntu core operating system underneath.
Its got the  really nice elegant look its a fast system it will load two  pages before before windows loads one and comes with everything its has the latest drivers for graphics and Amd acceleration drivers also a complete software center .Also its easy to install download the ISO file burn to disk or usb flash if your running windows to unlock the boot yes its locked by windows  go to your boot menu set your computer to boot first to either the cd or flash put the media in reboot to the drive you using and linux will boot live you can even try it first before you install it on the hard drive to put on the hard drive just follow the easy installer hers the link to get it comes in 64 bit and 32 bit get the Cinnamon 64 bit top one ENJOY .heres the link MINT